Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Travel: Easy for Some but Not for Me

I am traveling to Hilton Head Island to attend my niece's wedding this weekend.  It should be beautiful, and I should be looking forward to it.

So why am I so distressed? 

I am distressed because what is easy for most people is certainly not easy for me.  Perhaps it should be phrased this way:  I am distressed because what used to be easy for me, is certainly not easy anymore.

It all begins with sleeping in a hotel room.   Judging from last night's lack of sleep and numerous rude awakenings, I honestly don't know how I am going to do it.  Do I bring my two special pillows?  The only blanket my feet can tolerate?   I'll be sharing a bed with my husband and I'm certainly not used to that.  Holy crap!  He can sleep the entire night in one corpse-like position.  I'll be tossing and turning.   And sometimes I cry out in pain when I wake up either with joint pain or with my God-awful skin ache.

Then there are the events.  And the clothes.   The clothes to wear to the events.  What will my skin be able to tolerate?    I can't wear yoga pants and bamboo to a wedding.  

The shoes.  Oh, the shoes!  My beloved Allbirds and Uggs are not allowed in a wedding chapel.  I needed to spend all sorts of money finding new flats.  Forget about whether or not I can dance in them, can I walk in them?

And then there are the plans.  People golfing and shopping and touristing and eating out and beaching and - oh, I don't know know - all sorts of exhausting things!  What will I do?  I'll stay back at the hotel and sleep.

How is it I have come to this?

Identity theft has struck again.